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Medal Y

Arm yourself with honors.

Fauré Le Page celebrates amorous conquest. Medals are for heroes skilled at delivering the coup de grace. What medals have you earned?


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Product Care

All designs from Fauré Le Page are crafted with materials selected with the highest standards.
Over time, your Weapon of Seduction will acquire an exceptional patina. To preserve its vivid colors, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, water and cosmetic products. If it gets rained on or meets with a superficial mishap, pat it gently with a clean, dry and soft cloth, in circular motions.
The Scale Canvas may be cleaned carefully using water, natural soap and a smooth cloth. Then, pat it gently to absorb the water.

The Lyon Frame Printing

The artisan screen-prints the Ecailles scale pattern onto the weave of the canvas in steps, using different stencils. This demanding technique is intricate and requires the hand of a virtuoso. This method enables Fauré Le Page to pair superlatively strong canvas with the embellishment reserved for the finest of fabrics.

The Scale Canvas

From very beginning, the brand has used the Ecailles scale motif as the house signature. This motif – at once armor and ornament, evoking dragons and mermaids – confers power and allure to its wearers.