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The House of Fauré Le Page

Once upon a time, there was a first Fauré Le Page house that earned its nobility as a gunsmith and supplier to kings and princes.

In 2009, a French family passionate about art and history acquired the Fauré Le Page brand from its last owner with the aim of making it a prominent name in leather goods.

The new house then established itself in one of the prestigious locations for traditional French luxury craftsmanship, just a few steps away from Place Vendôme, at 21 Rue Cambon.

With a new motto, "Armed for Seduction," Fauré Le Page turned the battleground and created a new expertise.

Today, Fauré Le Page draws inspiration from the artisanal heritage of numerous hunting leather craftsmen to manufacture weapons of seduction for everyone.

The Scale pattern, a symbol of power and allure, adorns Fauré Le Page's contemporary creations. Whether in the form of armor or feathers, through this original design, the House provides courage or wings in the battles of love