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The House of Fauré Le Page

Founded early in the reign of Louis XV, the House of Fauré Le Page earned its spurs as a master gunsmith to kings and princes. Seven generations of the same family each wrote a chapter of its legend.

Excelling in a vast range of trades, their master craftsmen created exceptional pieces for the great and the good of the European courts. Louis XVI’s hunting-pieces and Napoleon’s vermeil saber are just two of the masterworks that today are the pride and joy of the world’s foremost museums. The Fauré Le Page family first entered the annals of French history when it defiantly handed out weapons to the revolutionary forces in 1789 and again in 1830. Writers of the caliber of Balzac, Dumas, Chateaubriand, Pushkin, and countless other authors all celebrate the House in their acclaimed novels.

Today, Fauré Le Page has once again taken up arms and its collection of luxury bags, decorated with its iconic “scale” motif, bears all the hallmarks of a glorious past allied to a deathless modernity. The boutique at 21, rue Cambon today showcases these weapons of seduction.