Since January 2022, Fauré Le Page is modernizing its Scale Canvas. The 1717 logo fades away behind the name Fauré Le Page.

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Suspended between heaven and earth, fire and ice, the Camouflage Ice Blue collection is characterised by newfound lightness. Spinning in the air, dancing with the horizon, this limited edition collection will transport you to seventh heaven, where all its nuances of blue are unveiled, on the rooftops of Paris. Where the light reflects the full purity of the cold. Available for the third time in a camouflage print on the Scale Canvas, its blue shades warmly dress up bags, clutches and wallets. Up in the clouds, for the first time they contrast with sky blue, Paris blue and Mars ochre, iconic Fauré Le Page colours. Faithful to the brand spirit, the Camouflage Ice Blue collection is in no way shy. It promises a high-flying season. Ready to conquer the highest peaks.